A Procumbent Whisk

Another amazing kitchen gadget discovery!

Today I am inspired by a whisk. Not very exciting, you say? Perhaps, if you are more interested in being excited and entertained than in eating good food. Which, I get excited and entertained BY cooking and eating good food sooo...not sure where that leaves me.

But regardless, just in case you don't know what "procumbent" means, this one is flat. (Btw, "procumbent whisk" is not it's actual name. I just like the way it sounds). Flat like a pancake. And it whisks everything, even those little corners between the bottom of my saucepan and the sides of my saucepan. No more alfredo sauce being wasted in those little nooks because a big fat round whisk can't reach it before it burns and clumps into a gooey mess. No more whipped eggs all over the kitchen counter and floor because the darn thing rolled off when I wasn't looking. It provides so much more surface area to agitate whatever you are agitating than a large round one does, unless you are whisking a 6-inch deep bowl of ketchup. Or something. It works wonderfully for smaller amounts of creams and liquids, or for large amounts of liquid that are dispersed out in a larger pan or tray, rather than contained in a bowl.

I tell you, it has changed my life. I am no longer afraid that when I add cheese or thickening agent to my sauces, it will seize up beyond hope and I will have to put it in the blender to smooth things out. It has made my life much lovelier, as I'm sure it would yours as well!

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