Spinach Quesadillas

Here's a good mid-week meal for those of you who start out with good intentions of making lots of wonderfully complicated meals, then halfway through the week realize it's not as possible as you thought. This is one of my default meals after work, and it's quick and easy! I've been experimenting with different cheeses and different fillings as well, trying to use as many different vegetables as possible. Anything that cooks down relatively thin works really well.

- Whole grain tortilla (SO much yummier and crunchier than plain white ones!)
- Shredded cheese
- Fresh spinach

1. Saute spinach till tender. Set aside, and place tortilla in pan. Spread cheese and spinach, fold over in half, and cook till crispy and brown.
2. Let sit and cool for 2 minutes, then cut into pieces. Enjoy!

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